Building new vs buying existing: 9 facts to help you make the right choice

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If you’ve spent even a tiny amount of time house-hunting, you’ve no doubt heard countless arguments for and against building new vs. buying existing. It’s one of those debates that folks in the housing business really love to talk about.

In the end, it comes down to what’s right for you—but needless to say, we have a few thoughts on the subject. If you’re still on the fence about buying a new construction home, read on for nine facts you need to know about building new.

1. It’s low-maintenance

One of the biggest benefits of a new house is simply that it’s new, which means maintenance will be much less of an issue than with an older home. As we reported last year, a 10-year-old home will cost approximately 580 percent more than a newly built home in terms of annual maintenance.

2. You can enjoy modern floor plans

Although some people prefer the cozy layout of an historic house, older houses simply don’t have many of the modern floor plan features that homeowners demand nowadays, like an open-concept layout and ample closet space. However, these are standard in most new homes.

3. You’re able to choose your location

While older homes may have the advantage of being located in historic neighborhoods, new homes come with an enticing appeal of their own—namely that they can be built anywhere you want! We offer new construction homes in some of the most vibrant communities in the Austin area, including the heart of Downtown Austin, the Texas Hill Country and thriving nearby cities like Leander and Cedar Park.

4. It’s more energy-efficient

Today, newly built homes are up to 30 percent more energy-efficient than homes built just 10 years ago, and they’re lightyears beyond houses built in decades past. In fact, newly built homes save an annual average of 3,449 kilowatt hours—that’s enough to power your TV for 11 years!

5. You get the ability to personalize according to your tastes

While older houses come with the decor chosen by their previous owners, building new opens you up to countless customization options, from colors, textures and finishes to unique floor plans.

6. Supply and demand works to your advantage

As demand for housing increases (especially in fast-growing cities like Austin, Texas), new home construction is rapidly expanding. Conversely, older homes are becoming harder and harder to find, which puts them in demand. Along with elevated demand comes elevated prices, which means new homes in these parts are often less expensive than their historic counterparts.

7. You can take advantage of quick delivery homes

One of the biggest misconceptions about new construction is that it takes forever. In fact, it’s actually quite easy to find quick delivery homes that are already being built and, in many cases, are practically move-in-ready as we speak.

8. It’s possible to build to your preferences

As we’ve said, the choice between building new vs. buying existing is a matter of personal preference. However, according to a recent Trulia survey, 41 percent of Americans lean toward purchasing a new home compared to just 21 percent who said they would prefer an older home.

9. The newness factor

Although some people like the idea of living in a house with history, there’s an undeniable appeal to buying a brand-new home that’s yours and always has been.

If you’re still debating building new vs. buying existing, contact us today at MileStone Community Builders to learn more about the benefits of designing and building your dream home in Austin, Texas.


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