Top springtime sprucing tips to renew your home’s energy and appearance.

Home repair often involves interior and exterior maintenance.

Birds return, flowers bloom, the sun comes out at last—there’s nothing quite like the feeling of spring in the air. Now is a great time to head outside and enjoy the perfect spring weather, but it’s also important to tend to your home with home maintenance tips. Spring offers an opportunity to boost your home’s energy and appearance, inside and out.

Check your gutters

Spring is prime time to clean and check your gutters. Look for leaks, and make sure the gutters are draining properly and are firmly connected to the roof. Gutters that overflow and leak can eventually lead to foundation and basement damage. Also, check your downspouts and ensure they are draining away from the foundation.

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to check and maintain the gutters and roof.

Have a look at the roof

Roof inspections are important, but there’s no need to climb up to the roof yourself. From ground level, a pair of binoculars should give you a good enough view to tell if your roof needs maintenance. So, look for shingles that are missing, broken, askew or have nails popping out.

Inspect your HVAC system

Even a relatively mild Austin winter can put your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system through its paces. Make sure you start the spring with a fresh filter in your air conditioner. Spring is also a good time to get your system professionally cleaned and serviced. With very little maintenance, the 14.5 SEER high-efficiency heating and air conditioning system in your MileStone home will provide efficient heating and cooling for many years.

Beware your windows

Top home maintenance tips can also double as energy-saving tip. This includes maintaining your windows. You can lose a lot of heating and cooling energy through them if you’re not careful. Before summer arrives, inspect the areas around your windows for cracks, gaps and signs of air leakage. Caulk, spray foam and weather stripping are easy and cost-efficient quick fixes for leaky window and door frames. While you’re paying attention to your windows, make sure each has drapes, blinds or an awning—especially the ones that face south—to help keep the sun’s “greenhouse effect” from driving up your cooling bills.

Caulking windows as one of the top home maintenance tips

Check your thermostat

Your programmable thermostat is a handy tool, but make sure you re-program it for spring. It’s easy to forget about, and that can waste a lot of energy heating your house unnecessarily. A programmable thermostat can potentially save you a lot on heating and cooling costs year round; check out this handy guide from Energy Star for properly setting your thermostat!

A top home maintenance tip is to caulk and repair damage to windows.

Trim overgrowth

Having big, adult trees in your yard is great! They look wonderful, and they provide shade for your house that can reduce air conditioning costs. However, watch out for trees and shrubs that brush up against your house. Spring is a perfect time to trim back any overly enthusiastic trees, which will reduce potential moisture damage and keep pests from finding their way into your home.

Watch out for bare wood

While this should not be an issue in your MileStone community home for many, many years, it’s always a good idea to do a quick check around the outside of your house, looking for places where paint has chipped and bare wood is exposed. Sand away chipping or flaking paint, and spot-paint any areas where you see the wood underneath. Take a look at brick and stucco sections of your house to find trouble spots there, too.

Spring is a wonderful time of year to get out and enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine! These top home maintenance tips will ensure that your home enjoys the upcoming season as much as you do. But, before tackling your home improvement task list, we encourage you to follow home repair safety guidelines and check out these handy home improvement apps!

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