Summer home decor: 6 SWOON-worthy ideas for a fun-in-the-sun home

 The arrival of summer is a welcome change. For many, this season means family picnics, barbecues and spending time in the great outdoors. It’s also DIY season, and these warm, lively summer home decor ideas will have your home ready for whatever summer has in store.

Sun shining in an orange living room as one of the best summer home decor ideas 1. Brighten and simplify

When it comes to summer home decor, simplicity is key, and natural light is your strongest ally. Throw open the windows and doors, pull back the blinds and let the sun bring its magic into your living space. For example, cultivate a simple, spacious atmosphere by stowing away any furniture and decorations that are dark, gloomy or overly complicated. You can bring back heavy accessories and small decor items in the fall. For now, banish clutter and keep it simple.

Summer home décor with colorful pillows and chairs in a white living room

2. Use color to your advantage

Adding a splash of color to a mostly white room immediately brings the space to life. Lively shades of green, yellow, magenta and turquoise are perfect for the season. Blues and purples are great as well—just steer clear of the darkest shades. You can accomplish a lot by bringing in a few colorful throw pillows, vases or other simple design items. Also, replace old, drab kitchen chairs with more vibrantly colored furniture that has a simple design. Summer is also a great season for painting, so if you’re looking for a bigger project, choose a hue you love and get to work on any wall or room that needs a colorful boost.

House plants sitting on the window ledge above kitchen sink

3. Bring in some house plants

One of the best summer home decor ideas is to add a splash of green. So, this is the perfect time to incorporate some plant life into your home’s interior. For a low-key and low-maintenance option, consider planting some succulents. These tiny plants live a long time, require very little care and add an immediate charm to any room. If you’re feeling crafty, you can also create some beautiful cut flower arrangements that really boost the color in your home.

Summer home décor in the form of colorful artwork in purple room

4. Add some artwork

There’s no wrong season to add art to your home, but summer is particularly conducive. If you have dark walls, then you can quickly brighten the area with warm, fun art pieces. And when it comes to finding suitable artwork for your summer home decor, you don’t necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg. After all, summer is also flea market season in Austin, and you can find some amazing work by our local artists.

Modern Sunroom or conservatory extending into the garden with a featured brick wall

5. Take in the view

Rearrange your furniture this summer to take advantage of how gorgeous it is outside. If your furniture is arranged around your TV or fireplace, shift the focus toward windows or French doors with a view.

An outdoor kitchen and dining area during the summer

6. Dine outside

It’s beautiful outside during summer in Austin, so why spend all your time indoors? Spruce up your front porch, back patio or screened-in deck with an outdoor dining area. A simple table and chairs will do the trick nicely—especially if you add a tablecloth with a light floral pattern—but feel free to go wild and create an outdoor kitchen that will be the envy of everyone on your block. If you have a big enough space, then you can incorporate a barbecue grill. You could also add a food prep area or even an outdoor mini-fridge.


Updating your summer home decor is a perfect way to welcome warm weather to the Austin area. The key is to have fun and make your home a vibrant, welcoming space. So, feel free to be creative with your own summer home decor ideas, and contact MileStone Community Builders for more information on summertime living in Austin.


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  • Very Nice and Creative Post. These are perfect decoration ideas. Decoration is subject to personal taste and that always differs from person to person.

    - Diana S / August 18, 2016

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