Advice For Anyone Moving to Texas

Texas is known for being a whole other country but it can feel like a whole new world to those new to the Lone Star State. So, we’ve put a few facts and tips together for making your move to Texas easy as Frito Chili pie.


Texas BBQ is Best

We want to get ahead of this—while you’re entitled to your opinion, everyone south of the Red River knows that Texas BBQ is the best BBQ, and that’s just a fact. Beef brisket, pork ribs, sausage, and all the fixins from creamed corn to fried okra are much beloved statewide. While we love everything from mesquite smoked to molasses marinades, don’t ever say any state does it better…or that beans belong in chili. Trust us.


Texas Homes are Affordable

With plenty of land and high demand, the majority of Texas homes are appraised at $245,000 or less, with a median home value of $166,000. Styles vary from ranch to craftsman everywhere from the scenic hill country to lively downtown with layouts to suit any buyer. See what homes we have in our collection.


Texas Summers Can’t Be Beat

Come summertime (a.k.a March-October), Austin’s outdoor scenery takes forefront. Waterfalls and walking trails are enjoyed by the locals. Weekend trips to the lake, pool, or nearest state park are some of the favorites. We might be biased, but Barton Springs Pool, Hamilton Pool Preserve, and Jacob’s Well are some of Texas’ best summer spots.


Texas Has No State Tax

Texas is one of only nine states that has no state income tax. Of course, state infrastructure and services still have a price tag, so expect to see sales taxes as high as 8.25% and property taxes of 8.18% to make up for the difference. Still, Texas is one of the most tax-friendly states in the union.


Texas Football is Life

There are two seasons in Texas, summer and football. There’s only one place to be at the end of a workweek and that’s in the glow of Friday night lights cheering your local team to victory. Don’t be surprised if your Texan friends invite you to tailgate instead of brunch, even though kickoff isn’t until 6:00 PM—it’s simply the way. Football is deeply embedded in Texan culture and there’s nothing to do but join in the cheers and wear your face paint with pride.


Texan is a Language

Knowing the lingo will make you more of a local than any amount of brisket orders can. First, y’all is a proper contraction. Embrace it. Also, if there are more than five people in a group, expect to hear “all y’all”. It’s widely accepted as proper in these parts. “Britches” are pants, “worsh” means wash, and “bless your heart” is a polite expression of sympathy that can also be dripping with sarcasm—because we speak that fluently too. Now you’re ready and rarin’ to go (read: you’re prepared)!


Austin is Unique (and the Best)

We know this is a post about Texas, but we call Texas’ capital city home and think it is objectively the best place to live—and we thought you should know. Recently, Austin ranked as the nation’s third Top-Performing City in job and salary growth as well as the gross domestic product (GDP) of our leading high tech industry. We think this, along with a lower cost of living than comparable metro areas, higher education opportunities, no shortage of things to do, and a laidback atmosphere are enough to make our point.


Welcome to Texas, Y’all!

The official Texas state motto is “Friendship,” one word we think perfectly describes our people, our culture, and our way of life in what we Texans consider the greatest state of them all—we hope this will help make you feel a little more at home, friend.

If you have any questions on Texas life, leave us a comment below. If you’re thinking of making the move—check out our list of homes in North Austin, TX and South Austin, TX. We would love to hear from you!

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