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Thank you for your purchase of a your new Milestone Community Builder/ M Signature home. We are grateful for your business and now that you are living in your home, we want to continue providing you with an exceptional level of customer service.

With the emergence of the virus COVID-19 and the events surrounding it, Milestone Community Builders and our trade partners are continuing to evaluate the incoming information from the CDC and putting safety measures in place to protect you and our team members. This may result in delays for some services to your home, however at this time, Milestone is accepting all incoming service communications.

  • Service request via our Warranty Request Form below.
  • Questions or concerns regarding your home to our office by phone: (512) 686-4986, press 2 for customer service.
  • Emergency service request by phone: (512) 623-0514
  • Appliance issues/concerns should be addressed directly to the manufacturer.

An emergency service is defined as:

  • Total loss of cooling or heating if the temperature is above 78° or below 65° respectively.
  • Total loss of water to the home, or sewer back up*
  • Total loss of electrical service to the home*

*Within the two year warranty period, and not due to either the utility company or occupant misuse.

If you are unclear as to whether your issue is an emergency, please call the above emergency line and we will be happy to assist you in making this determination.

Upon submission of your request, please be prepared to assist our Warranty Field Managers with detailed information, images or video of a request. This will help limit the time needed within your home for all service needs. If a trade partner or material needed for one or more of your requested services is not available at the time of your request, the service will be deferred until such time as the trade or material will be available. Milestone will keep you abreast of this timeline and reach out to you to reopen your service request.

If you or an occupant within your home is currently experiencing an acute illness, you may still submit your warranty service, however the service request will be deferred. Milestone will ask that you resubmit your deferred service once all occupants within the home have had adequate time to recover per the CDC guidelines, and Milestone will evaluate the service need at that time. Please note if someone is ill when submitting request.

Due to potential delays, Milestone will determine how the service is warranted by your service submission date, not the date the service actually commences. If, due to illness or contributing factors, you were not able to submit warranty within your warranty period, please reach out to our office so we may assist.

Again, Milestone will be monitoring the situation closely and will update you on any changes that may affect warranty services to your home. Thank you for your understanding, we respectfully want to proceed in these uncertain times with the utmost professionalism and consideration for everyone’s safety.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. For nonemergency service concerns please submit your request below to our Customer Care team. Please ensure you are currently available to meet with our representatives for these services:

For nonemergency service concerns please submit your request to our Customer Care team.

Thank You

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