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Customer Service Manager

The Customer Service Manager coordinates all services after the close of a MileStone Community Builder home as required to successfully complete requests on schedule and within budget, per the scope of the Builders Warranty. This includes maintaining the highest level of quality, supervising multiple trades with efficiency, and assisting in production quality, while administering good construction safety practices. This role reports to the Director of Warranty. 

Core Responsibilities

  • Schedule and meet with homeowners to inspect and perform services on homes that are under warranty by MileStone Community Builders.Coordinate trade services schedules.
  • Communicate with Director of Warranty and Sr. Warranty Manager for approval of payable services and to report detailed descriptions of work. 
  • Ensure the responsible party is held responsible for costs associated with the repair. Back charges shall be made known to the responsible party prior to back charging.
  • Ensure the homeowner has been informed of all changes to any service schedule.
  • Obtain homeowners written confirmation on all service resolutions.
  • Maintain a log of preventable construction problems and give feedback to Area Managers.