Building Together: How Your Feedback Shapes Our Communities


At MileStone Community Builders, we’re not just in the business of constructing houses and communities—we’re dedicated to creating homes that echo your dreams, needs, and aspirations. That’s why we are proud to partner with Eliant, a leading customer experience management firm that specializes in the homebuilding industry. Creating a successful and enjoyable home-buying process for you is built on a foundation of experience. Through thoughtful feedback from our homebuyers gathered by Eliant, we’ve honed our processes, ensuring a seamless, enriching, and fully personalized journey.

Who is Eliant?

Recognized for its comprehensive surveys and strategies to enhance customer satisfaction, Eliant has conducted over 3 million customer assessments. Its expertise in deriving actionable insights has made it a pivotal partner for MileStone Community Builders. Click here to learn more about their incredible program.

The Impact of Your Feedback

By leveraging Eliant’s services, MileStone has been able to fine-tune our approach to customer service, ensuring that homeowners receive an unparalleled experience from purchase to move-in and beyond. Our report card currently shows scores of A- or higher in crucial categories like Sales Experience, Construction Experience, Design Selections Experience, and Orientation/Walk-Through Experience. We’re proud of our results but are deeply committed to reach further through YOUR feedback.

Your Voice Shapes our Future

Every voice matters. Your feedback through the Eliant surveys enables us to identify areas for improvement and celebrate the things we’re doing right. It’s a crucial part of our continuous effort to enhance every homeowner’s experience and ensures that we keep evolving in ways that matter most to you.

How to Participate in the Eliant Survey

We invite every MileStone homeowner to lend their voice through the Eliant survey. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Expect an Email: Shortly after moving into your MileStone home, you’ll receive an email invitation from Eliant.
  • Click the Link: Use the link provided in the email to access your personalized survey.
  • Share Your MileStone Experience: Your detailed feedback is invaluable to us and takes just a few moments to submit.

Looking Forward with MileStone

At MileStone Community Builders, we’re committed to using your insights to enhance our communities, ensuring that every homeowner feels heard, valued, and excited about their future with us. Thank you for choosing MileStone as the builder of your dreams. Together, we’re not just building homes—we’re building milestones.

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