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MileStone has 5% Interest Rates!

For a limited time with new customers only, MileStone Community Builders is offering a special 5% interest rate on select inventory homes! That means hundreds in savings on your monthly payment! 

THESE HOMES ARE MOVING FAST - Please enjoy the video below to learn why now is the right time to buy a new home!

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Get a Great Rate from MIleStone

If you’re waiting for home prices to go down, ultimately the monthly payment you’ll end up with will be higher! For example, let’s say the home you have your heart set on is $600,000. There are a lot of variables involved but if you put 10% in for your down payment at a 5% interest rate, your monthly payment would be about $2,994. Now let’s say you wanted that same house with the same down payment, but could only get a 7.5% interest rate secured. That’s close to what the market is today, but by the time you’re watching this, it may be higher. Now your monthly payment would be about $3,871. That’s a difference of $877 every month!,

You might be waiting around a while for a drop that big. And while you’re waiting, 7.5% might become 7.75% or 8%. Here’s the good news. It’s actually a GREAT time to buy with Milestone Community Builders. We have rate opportunities as low as 5%.

To learn more, please fill out the contact form on this page or call our online sales team at (512) 645-2145!

With the current spec locks (5.875%) Buyers can receive a 7-year ARM at a 5% rate. This means for the first 7 years the rate is locked in at 5%. For years 8-30, rates adjust up, down, or flat every 6 months. The first adjustment will be no more than 5.0% up or down. Subsequent adjustments are no more than 1% up or down. 5.0% over the starting rate is the cap. There is no downward cap except for the margin (which is 2.75%). 5% is the minimum down payment for the 7-year ARM. 740 is the minimum credit score to secure the 5% ARM rate(for our current 5.875% locks). 680 is the minimum credit score to secure an ARM loan but the rate and mortgage insurance will be much higher. The 5% rate applies for primary home purchases only.

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